When the true light pierces through the self veil of the mind, that is the great moment. It is the moment of spiritual awakening. The accumulated burdens of trying to make sense of, and find lasting happiness in a personal life that inevitably ends, simply dissolve. The great freedom from self, the great love for all things as not separate from oneself, manifests in this human world.

The songs and poems in these albums attempt to express the love between a seeker of the light and the light itself. They are imaginary dialogues between the ego searching and the truth shining.

However inaccurate they may be, the songs are offered with the sincere aspiration that they may be of some benefit or comfort. My teacher may be rolling his eyes about his monk wasting time and energy describing that which is beyond words. But his kindness brings forth this gesture anyway, and I accept his blows before they are even given.

—Yoshin David Radin

Love Songs of a Zen Monk
Can You Hear My Applause, from Love Songs of a Zen Monk
May It Be So
The No Self Family, from May It Be So
Deathbed Lullaby
The Thief, from Deathbed Lullaby
I Am With You
I Am With You, from I Am With You