Ithaca Zen Center japanese bridge
Japanese Bridge

Sunday Meditation

Held in person at the Ithaca Zen Center and simultaneously on zoom Sundays starting at 8:30 am with tea and chanting (chantbook available here) followed by zazen (seated meditation) kinhin (walking meditation) and a talk at 10:30am. Newcomers are welcome, but please arrange a sitting orientation beforehand. Contact office@ithacazencenter to set up an orientation. The zoom link is posted on the IZC calendar of events. NOTE: Zoom is on hiatus for the summer and will return in the fall. If you’d like to be notified when the zoom returns, please join the IZC mailing list.

The zendo is located up the hill from the dining hall, to the left. Visitors are asked to please park in the visitor parking to the left of the drive, near the entrance.

Sitting begins promptly at 8:30. Late arrivals are asked to please wait inside the mudroom of the zendo until opening bows are complete. Please feel free to stay for tea and social hour afterwards.

Sample Sunday Schedule

What to Bring

  • Footwear that is easy to get on and off, and appropriate for the outdoors.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes for sitting, and layers of sufficient warmth for outdoor kinin (walking meditation)
  • Please refrain from use of perfumes and the wearing of jewelry

Program Fee, voluntary donation

An Evening Together

Selected Wednesday night meetings at 7PM on Zoom only, with Yoshin David Radin. These meetings are a time for question and answer rather than meditation. If you have questions about meditation practice, or life in general,, feel free to join. The zoom link and upcoming dates will be posted to the IZC calendar of events, and also sent to the mailing list. For more information, contact

Program Fee, voluntary donation


A 5 to 7-day silent meditation intensive held at the Ithaca Zen Center several times a year. A sesshin is a chance to immerse oneself in a longer period of practice.

Sample Sesshin Schedule

What to Bring

  • 2 pairs of sandals, slip-on shoes, or boots
  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella
  • Towel
  • Personal toiletries
  • Cup or mug for your room
  • Warm clothing, such as long underwear
  • Warm boots and gloves in the cold weather

Upcoming sesshin dates and program fees will be posted to the IZC calendar of events. For more info, contact