About Us

The Ithaca Zen Center is a rural Zen practice community located on 60 acres about 8 miles south of Ithaca, New York. It serves as a residence for a small practice group and as a retreat facility for those wishing to do retreats and longer periods of practice.

The center has a weekly zazen schedule and also offers day-long and week-long retreats, zazen practice two evenings a week at Cornell University, along with occasional lectures and beginners’ instruction.

All practice sessions and retreats are open to the public. Residence may be considered after practicing at the Zen center for a period of time.

The purpose of the center is to provide an environment and practices where people can calm their minds and see more deeply into the nature of oneself and all things.

In the summer the Zen center serves as the home for Body Mind Restoration Retreats, an alternative healing program. The center also serves as the home for the Dervish Retreat Center, a Sufi whirling and practice community. Khadija Radin, Yoshin’s wife, leads both of these programs. Khadija is an ordained nun of Joshu Sasaki Roshi.