Announcement of Temporary Closure of the Ithaca Zen Center, Effective Immediately.

Dear Friends of the Ithaca Zen Center,

In light of the COVID-19 situation we have come to the decision to temporarily close the Zen Center, in an effort to reduce the spread of the disease and keep our community safe. Gratefully, the IZC remains unaffected by the virus and we will stay committed to being proactive and mindful of this situation.

It seems right now is a time when we most need community, tranquility, generosity of spirit, and compassion for those who are suffering. We hope that even though we aren’t meeting we will still continue to cultivate those attitudes in the midst of trying times.

The residents will sit in the zendo at the usual times and share the moment with all of you at home if you choose to do the same. Don’t forget to eat a muffin afterwards!

For updates, please subscribe to our newsletter, and we will be in touch as the situation progresses.

We are all waves of the same sea. Stay safe and we will be in touch,